Seize the Rain

Late one night I sat on my porch with a few sputtering candles and listened to the wind and rain thinking about how fleeting is time, how fragile, life. It reminded me of a time my car broke down in another state and I had to kill a few hours in an unfamiliar area. So, I just started walking, wandering in and out of shops. Finally, it was time to walk back and a thunder cloud completely unzipped over top me. I was in an industrial area long past the shops and there was absolutely no cover. No umbrella. No coat. Nothing, and I got soaked to the skin. It was June; the rain, warm. So, I stopped hurrying and walked through the puddles–once you’re wet, there’s no reason to rush. I remember thinking that I always forget how much I love the rain. Until it catches me unaware. And unprepared. Walk on and seize the rain.

Fast-write Writing Exercise: Set a timer for 2-5 minutes. Write about the last time you played, walked, or danced in the rain without an umbrella. Write with your senses.

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