Naming Moments in Your Life—Moonlight Ledge (or Elk Rock) in Evergreen, Colorado

Evergreen Colorado moonlight

I’m perched on Elk Rock—or Moonlight Ledge, depending on the position of the sun. We’d climbed the mountainside behind my dear friend’s hand-built cabin in Evergreen, Colorado, where a bookshelf hugs the ceiling of every room, a wool loom reclines in the corner, and curiosity and caring fill the rest. I’d just cut my hair […]

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Tune-Up Your Soul With a “Small Pleasures” List

Lists shouldn’t be reserved just for work; making lists about life’s small pleasures is the closest thing to a soul tune-up I can find. Small pleasures…getting lost in a book, buying a new book, getting back in the car from wherever and listening to the next part of an audio book, Facetiming with my granddaughter, […]

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How to Write A Love List…A Practice In Self-Care

Berlin Wall Graffitti

I know what makes me happy and whole. I also know the list of things I need to thrive is not simply filled with selfish wants — and, those things aren’t solely self-focused. Often, even if an act of self-care starts with a form of isolation, it will press outward in some way in want of connecting […]

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