The Read Then Write Method

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[Here are the RTW Workshop Cliff Notes]

The Read Then Write Workshop approach to writing is so simple that it took a beloved professor in the first semester of my MFA to sum up what is now my best writing advice: “Read, then write. Read, then write. Read, then write.” That epiphany changed my writing practice and skyrocketed its potential.

I believe our writing is the sum total of what we read plus what we live plus what we practice. Well, it’s more than that. Something mystical and awe-inspiring as human algorithms go, but I’m keeping my eye on the “Read, then write. Read, then write. Read, then write.”

Whatever it is you set out to write, read a version of it. Want to write more (fast-write) stream of consciousness passages? Read James Joyce or Virginia Wolf. Want to write a haiku? Read a collection of the best haikus. Want to write a narrative song? Listen to the most notable or award-winnng narrative songs. Want to write a news article? Read a respected newspaper or newsfeed. Want to write travel articles? Indulge in glossy travel magazine features and high traffic travel blogs.

Etc., etc.. And, coffee…yes, definitely coffee.

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