Are Reading And Writing Basic Necessities of Life? Fast-Write Exercise

“Après les choses qui sont de première nécessité pour la vie, rien n’est plus précieux que les livres.”

Pierre Simon Fournier, Typography Manual, 1764

Translation: “After all the basic necessities of life, there is nothing more precious than books.” 

For most writers, a book (or owning many books) is the holy grail. We are attracted to them like bees to honey, like moths to the flame, like water for life. Words, Story, the smell and touch of the page, the texture and images and fonts on the cover—all these and more woo use like a lover. Okay, that’s metaphor number four, plus a simile. This quote begs the most basic question and makes for a great Fast-write exercise. Think of your response as a love letter to life as you need it.  

Set a 2 to 5 minute timer (3 times) and go!

Fast-write Exercise: What you consider the basic necessities of life?

Part 1. What are you basic necesssities of life? [This is your first timed writing.]

Part 2. Do reading and writing make the list? If so, which comes first…reading books or writing? Why…?

Part 3. If necessary, how could you reorder your life so that reading and writing land where you want?

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