Ways to Connect at RTW Workshop

Join the Read Then Write Workshop Community. Subscribe to the newsletter for the latest news, blogs, writing prompts, upcoming workshops, and stuff. Promise it won’t come too often. I’ve got writing to do! Join the RTW Workshop private Facebook page. We chat, celebrate community writing successes, share writing, and do pop-up accountability rooms from time to time. […]

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Are Reading And Writing Basic Necessities of Life? Fast-Write Exercise

“Après les choses qui sont de première nécessité pour la vie, rien n’est plus précieux que les livres.” Pierre Simon Fournier, Typography Manual, 1764 Translation: “After all the basic necessities of life, there is nothing more precious than books.”  For most writers, a book (or owning many books) is the holy grail. We are attracted to […]

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How to Quickly Overcome Procrastination and Start Writing With 2 Minutes A Day

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I’ve been away from writing for awhile: four whole noisy, long, life-filled weeks. While I’ve enjoyed every moment of family time and productive work assignments, I ache to get back to my writing project. And yet, I had to look myself squarely in the face—I’ve been procrastinating. So, I blocked off my schedule today to […]

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Naming Moments in Your Life—Moonlight Ledge (or Elk Rock) in Evergreen, Colorado

Evergreen Colorado moonlight

I’m perched on Elk Rock—or Moonlight Ledge, depending on the position of the sun. We’d climbed the mountainside behind my dear friend’s hand-built cabin in Evergreen, Colorado, where a bookshelf hugs the ceiling of every room, a wool loom reclines in the corner, and curiosity and caring fill the rest. I’d just cut my hair […]

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Tune-Up Your Soul With a “Small Pleasures” List

Lists shouldn’t be reserved just for work; making lists about life’s small pleasures is the closest thing to a soul tune-up I can find. Small pleasures…getting lost in a book, buying a new book, getting back in the car from wherever and listening to the next part of an audio book, Facetiming with my granddaughter, […]

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Start Writing: Prime Your Writing Muscle With Fast-Writes

How to start writing? What happens when you exercise your writing muscle is that it’s ready to flex whenever you need it or it needs you. Flex and stretch and challenge and respond to it, and it will be there at the ready when you hear something profound rising up inside. For me, little epiphanies […]

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